Saturday, July 16, 2016

"A Lawyer's Lawyer"

Mark Lipinski will be missed.

Mark Lipinski was a lawyer's lawyer — committed equally to the practice of law and to his clients. He was dogged in their defense, yet a gentleman in his demeanor.

Lipinski was frumpy in appearance, yet he maintained a sense of dignity. He was mentored by some of our region's legal legends — Henry Trawick, Larry Byrd and Jerome Pratt — and had become one of the deans of the defense bar in Manatee County.

Forty years after graduating from the University of Florida law school, Lipinski, 65, was found dead Thursday at his home in Bradenton.

His old-school approach to his profession, his openness and his wit will be missed.

   An Editorial from the Sarasota Herald Tribune, July 15 2016

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