Thursday, July 14, 2016

Comments from the Bradenton Herald

Carol Cook ·
Rest in peace my friend. You will be missed.
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Sandy Deland ·
How sad! Loss of a brilliant mind.
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Joann Pearson ·
Rest in peace
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Rhonda Edwards ·
Mark Lipinski was one of the brightest and hardest working defense attorneys in Bradenton. He will be missed by his colleagues and clients. This is a sad day, indeed.
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Carol Law
RIP in peace Mark. He was one of a few defense attorney's I truly respected.
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Corie Holmes ·
Very sad day. May you rest in peace my friend. Thank you for the many many talks along the way. I'm truly honored to have had you as a friend and Employer..
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Connie Smith
Rest in peace
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Doug Ruswick
As a lost sheep that pled astray, I first met Mark 4 years ago. His insight on the practice of law was truly priceless. Thank you for the many talks along the fragile road of life and God bless you & all those you've touched!
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Steve Butler ·
Absolutely crushed to hear this this is a great guy one of my friends also my attorney doesn't get any better he's the best and he will be missed
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Lori Allbaugh Devine ·
So so sad. You will be sorely missed my friend! Arlo is going to be heartbroken without his best friend too! My prayers are with your family!
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Russell Randolph ·
Mark was a friend who was a great person and very professional as a voice for his clients. rest in peace ,friend, manatee county has lost one of the most zealous voices in the defense community
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Terina Redden
A great loss to our Community!
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Elizabeth M. Sullivan ·
So very sad. One of the good ones gone.
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Melody Chisholm ·
Works at State of Florida
Very sad, thank you Mark for your contributions to our communities
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Renée Kemp-Powell ·
He was a great guy and he was so helpful and nice with me and my niece. Sad.
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Robin DiSabatino ·
Truly a sad day for Manatee County!
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Erica Sue
Manatee county just took a huge loss
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David Altenbach Sr. ·
His work was his life. Evenings, and weekends. Whatever it took. He will be missed by many.
Marc R. Masferrer · 
I never met the man but I have two memories of him. Once, I was in the Circle K at 51st Street West and Manatee Avenue West where there was this young, not very well dress man telling his life story, including his dealings in the court system, with a older gentlemen. When the older man left, the younger man told anyone who would listen that that was Mark Lipinksi, the best lawyer in town. Second story, I always enjoyed watching him walk his beautiful yellow Labrador retriever through downtown; his dog reminded me of my Yellowstone, RIP. I will miss seeing that.
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Glen Gibellina · 
RIP Mark ....who will fill his shoes?
I have followed your work for many years
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Carol Chase · 
So sad, a great loss!
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Debby Pellom · 
RIP ...
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Chuck Ferrara
Only the good die young.....RIP. Sir
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Varinia Monroy Van Ness · 
I am a better lawyer today from things I learned from Mark. Both when I was a prosecutor and when we represented co-defendants. Mark was a brilliant lawyer and amazing man. A big loss to our community. RIP and thank you for all you gave to us.
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Henry Tenenbaum · 
Counselor Lipinski may your memory forever be a light to all who have known you. I so much enjoyed working with you. You left us way to soon, rest in peace.
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Stefanie Lynn
Today we say goodbye to a brilliant and amazing man. Thank you for believing in my family when no one else would. You will be truly missed. May you rest in peace, you did a amazing job with all the love and passion you showed in your ability to help your community! Thank you. With deepest love and appreciation. In our prayers Mark Lipinski

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