Friday, July 15, 2016

Scarlett Guy

     My life today has been changed by someone who I was lucky to have met and have shared the past 11 years with. He was not just some regular person.. Not someone that talked, walked, or pretended to be anyone else.. He was Mark Lipinski.. Or sometimes after a big trial he would say he was King Kong..and I believed him..He was witty and could quote law or a movie by Werner Herzog, or some cool lyric from a Clapton song, he loved people-all types of people-even ones I couldn't understand why he liked- he didn't judge, was faithful to his wife, loyal to his friends, and always the guy you went to when you needed real answers, right answers, and quick answers, because he had them all.

     I may cry a river before I am able to get a hold of the sadness I feel for never having the opportunity to hear his voice again, see him or have him say kid can I tell you a story or kid do you want to go for a Starbucks run with the dogs...I just want him to tell me one more story.. I want him to quote the lyrics from the 'send lawyers, guns, and money' song that he loved.. I want to sit in his car listening to the Hamilton CD or talk about how on our next Vegas trip we were going to go river rafting... Most of all I just want him to fill up his favorite big cup of coffee, sit down next to me and say kid let's talk strategy.. He was a man of strategy..a man with theories and themes that only come around once in a lifetime.. He was truly the biggest man in any room that I have ever been in and I am afraid that void is beyond filling.. I know that God is feeling very lucky to have him back..I just can't believe he is gone.. God Speed to you Mark Lipinski..We love you so...

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