Thursday, July 14, 2016

From a client of Mark's

I remember my first time meeting Mark my mother described him as a big man with power like a lion. I had only heard his voice over a tv in a jail house courtroom. I sat down in his office and he told me today your not a gangster anymore today your not going to do anything bad anymore today you have to grow up real fast because your life is on the line. I was stubborn kind of laughing him off because he was so serious and me never spending time in jail had my nerves bad. So with me not taking him serious he began to say so your think your tough huh you gonna bust a cap in somebody's ass. Which all of us in the room began laughing even though he was serious. He did a lot for me that I'm sure nobody else could of done at that time. I will forever be thankful for how much he helped me. I will never forget that meeting and my first time meeting him. Cody Rogers

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