Friday, July 15, 2016

Jennifer Fury

     There was something surreal all day today, as we all wandered around the courthouse blinking at each other. Incredulous. And a little lost for words. Yes, lawyers, trial lawyers, bereft of language. " I can't believe it" " I just spoke to him yesterday ". Heads shaking in disbelief. For all of what has been said of the lawyer, Mark Lipinski, none of it seems adequate to capture him. He was a lawyer's lawyer, no doubt. But he was more than that. So much more. As gargantuan as the hole that he will leave in the courthouse is going to be ( and the width and depth of that chasm, we haven't even begun to realize) it doesn't fully express what the man was. So much has been said of him that I could reiterate, but you know, it's my turn. Mark was devilish. He had a wicked sense of humor. Mark would come to me and say " I need to ask you a favor" . I'd say yes. And find out later what I'd signed myself up for. Mark talked me into some shit y'all. But he had good scotch. And good music. And I was game. Because he asked.
      We all have Mark Lipinski stories. All of us. My heart breaks at the thought that there will be no new stories to tell. Mark was one of those guys around whom the making of stories just seemed to flourish. He was ripe for it. All larger than life and full of all the accoutrement of "the tale". That dramatic pause, that grin, the draw of breath, the signature phrase.. .. Man! I'm missing you already!

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