Thursday, July 14, 2016

Drew Cummer

Couple of months ago, Mark asked me if I had been doing any fishing, and I said no, been too busy to go.   He said he just went on the weekend, and I said, you dog, who did you go with?   He said Russ----the MSO Det. And fishing guide Ginny and Bought our boat from.  Russ is a great guy.   Mark and his wife went all day with Russ and had a great day of it.   And Mark really rubbed it in!!   They became great friends a while back.   I just called Russ to be sure he knew, and he said he was at the house this am.  He told a funny story about when Mark called the MSO desk yrs ago because Mark’s dad had disappeared from the grocery store.  Russ was a rookie and took the call.  All of MSO talked shit about Mark, and it was taboo to speak the truth about how much anyone liked him ,just because he tore up MSO every day.   Russ says that every person at MSO, from the Sheriff on down, hit the streets looking for Mr. Lipinski out of nothing but total respect Mark had earned.  A nice story

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